Regarder Nashville (1975) F.i.l.m Complet en Francais {ENG-SUB}

Nashville (1975)
Titre : Nashville (1975)
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Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music
Durée : 160 mins.
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TÉLÉCHARGER Nashville (1975)

In the wake of JFK's assassination, under the shadow of the Vietnam war, an independent presidential candidate is running, bold and cheap, under the banner of the Replacement Party: their unbelievable platform includes banning lawyers from Congress and re-writing the national anthem. This uncanny Perot-like figure is never seen, but his campaign wagon blares out rambling, pre-recorded speeches as it lumbers through the film unnoticed. The backdrop is Music City, the characters a myriad and hero- less cross-section of America. The lone foreigner is an insufferable reporter from BBC whose aimless monologues provide satirical counterpoint to the film's deadpan delivery. - Written by Matthew Brandabur <>


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