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Acrylic Systems

Acrylic Roofing Systems

Don’t waste your money REPAIRING your current metal, asphalt or single ply roof. 

Whatever roof substrate you currently have, the new Acrylic elastomeric surface adds THESE ADVANTAGES

  • Installation Savings up to 50% or More
    Acrylic fluid-applied roof systems can be installed directly over most traditional roof substrates. Tear-off, land-fill fees, reconstruction, and long facility disruptions are eliminated.
  • Ceramic Technology
    Proprietary ceramic formulations enhance key properties of elastomeric coatings for strength, UV deterioration, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and longevity.
  • A UV Solar Shield
    The Acrylic Roof Systems have superior resistance to UV degradation than most traditional roofing materials.
  • Seamless Wind and Weather Protection
    Once all joints, fasteners, and leaks are made watertight, layers of Acrylic base and finish coats are applied as seamless wind and water barriers.
  • A Corrosion Barrier
    Acrylic formulations are highly resistant to ocean salt spray, acid rain, and other airborne contaminants.
  • All-climate Stability
    Once cured, an Acrylic surface retains its flexible, watertight superiority in extremes of heat or cold, and dry or wet conditions.
  • Reduces Thermal Shock Damage
    Acrylic cool roof systems minimize the effects of varying co-efficients of expansion within roofs that cause damaging shifts, cracking, and loosening conditions.
  • Provides Cool Roof / Green Roof Benefits
    Acrylic systems meet or beat all known public and private standards for cool roof credits and incentives. Save installation costs. Save energy. Save the planet. Our Acrylic system is “Green”.
  • The Acrylic RENEWABLE™ Warranty
    Ensures a sustainable, waterproof and weathertight cool roof for decades to come. At Warranty term, Acrylic roofs can be restored to spec and the warranty renewed at a marginal expense. 
waste money


by switching to an Acrylic ROOF!


We are a National company and serve our customers nation-wide. Some of our focus cities in the Midwest include Little Rock AR, Memphis AR, Jonesboro AR, Fayetteville AR, Ft. Smith AR, Branson MO, Joplin MO, Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS, Jefferson City MO, St. Louis MO, and West Plains MO. 
But our work doesn’t stop there. We’ve served our customers from the East Coast in Boston MA and Miami FL to the West Coast in Los Angeles CA… and from the Gulf of Mexico to Upper New York.