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Roof Restorations

acrylic or silicone?


Which one is the best solution for my roofing needs?

Here at Integrity Commercial Roof Systems, we get asked this question frequently.

We have years of experience with both Acrylic roof coverings using the Acrylic System as well as Silicone roof coatings using the Progressive Roof Coating System. 

Check out the PRO’s and CON’s of both systems.



  • Cost effective
  • Highly reflective and waterproof
  • Renewable warranties after original warranty ends
    If an acrylic roof system fails, it allows you to use other fluid applied systems as acrylic is easy to adhere to. 
  • Acrylic coatings are a Water based product, therefore easy cleanup and inexpensive with the ability to simply use water. 
  • Superior elasticity. 


  • Under 50 degrees acrylics will not set up. 
  • Partial cure is 24 hours before an acrylic can see a rain storm. 
  • High humidity causes acrylics a longer set up duration. 
  • Acrylics do not perform well in ponding scenarios without fabric reinforcement. 
  • Acrylics take more layers of coating and more mil thickness then silicones. 



  • Resists UV (does not breakdown over years)
  • Great for ponding water areas
  • High reflectivity rating and completely waterproof using less mills then an Acrylic system. 
  • Superior elasticity
  • Can be installed in temps that go down into the 30’s
    Silicones are “moisture cure”, which means it sets up faster in high humidity. 
  • Silicones can take a normal rain within 2 hours of installation. 


  • Price point. Silicones are a higher level of roof system, hence the costs are typically higher than acrylics. 
  • Once you install silicone, you cannot install a different product over it. 
  • Silicones require much bigger spray equipment to install. 
  • Silicones get dirtier over time when compared to acrylics. 
  • Silicones  are being misrepresented by some roofers offering unrealistic warranties. Nothing in the roofing industry lasts a “Lifetime” or even 50 years with today’s elements. ICRS will never mis-represent the realistic capabilities of a product. 

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