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Service & Maintenance Plans

Customized Service Plans are available for any commercial property. Feel at ease knowing that ICRS has you covered for every type of commercial roof repair you might need. We are thorough; we do not over charge and only use the appropriate materials to fix your leaks. Let ICRS help extend the remaining life of your roof until such time that you are able to restore or replace it. You have the choice of paying “as you go”, meaning every time we respond to a leak call, or we can give you pricing to repair multiple leaks or areas at once, which gives you bulk pricing discounts as well as less drive time costs.

Maintenance Plans are essential with literally every roof system. All
manufacturers actually require a maintenance plan in place, with backup
documentation and pictures to validate an existing warranty when a leak presents itself during the warranty period. Make no mistake; if you do not perform maintenance on your roof, just like a car, you will void a warranty instantly. These warranties are not free by any manufacturer and on large roofs cost thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t jeopardize your existing warranty and most of all routine maintenance always prolongs the life of any product.

ICRS offers Annual, Semi Annual and Quarterly maintenance programs, in order to avoid these warranty cancelations and to further extend the life of your roof system. We can customize your maintenance plan to also include potential leak repairs during each visit, which saves you the drive time costs incurred during a routine service call. You will be surprised just how affordable these plans can be.

Commercial Roof Coating
Commercial Roof Coating